Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After Boston: a hymn

I have posted a version of this hymn before, but it seems appropriate to share it this week as we figure out how to once again move forward from tragedy.

Lord, Grant Us Peace

Lord, grant us peace where war seems never-ending
And give us hope when all ‘round is despair.
For when it seems as if the world is broken
And mem’ry gives the only veil of care,
You once again remind us of your mercy
And call us to repentant humble prayer.

Thy will be done on earth as in Heaven.
Forgive our debts, and help us to forgive.
Give us this day our daily bread and spur us
To share our bread that all may truly live.
May others see your image deep within us
And may we see your face when e’er we give.

We pray for courage, resolute and steadfast
We pray for peace, both in our hearts and minds
We pray that we may be your faithful partners
In this, the project we have been assigned
To love the world, to go and make disciples,
To be your children: caring, just, and kind.

O God of peace, division overwhelms us
And violence points us towards an angry place.
Instead of using anger as a weapon
You turn the unjust table on its face.
Remind us still, that in the resurrection,
No one can steal the vict’ry of your grace.