Thursday, September 6, 2012

An election hymn

God of grace who binds the broken,
Heal us til division ends.
In this season of election,
When we’re strangers more than friends,
Be our comfort, be our healer,
As we seek to do thy will
In our politics and all things
Thy commandment to fulfill.

Though it seems so never-ending,
And designed that we ignore
Your command to greet the stranger,
Heal the sick and feed the poor.
Give us strength to be your people
And to see the ways you call
In our lives and, yes, our voting,
To show charity to all.

Help us see past this election
And remember we are yours,
For allegiance is much larger
than a flag or human wars.
O, in all things God of wisdom,
grant that we might truly see,
the face of Christ in every person
even when we disagree.

87.87 D
Nettleton (alt tunes Hyfrydol, Promise)

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